Marshall Aqualean Garden Watering Patio Hosepipe Set With Connectors & 7 Pattern Handspray - 10m



Quality Garden Hoses & Watering Accessories from Marshall Aqualean. A practical and compact 10m Mini Hose Reel Set perfect for use in gardens and patios. The mini-hose reel set combines a sturdy spray gun with 10 metres of reinforced hose and supplied on a carrying reel. The watering hose and gun set provides fantastic watering equipment for smaller spaces yet enables easy transportation and convenient storage.

  • 10m Patio Hosepipe Set
  • Full Flowing Reinforced garden hose
  • Complete with Hose connectors & Tap Adaptor
  • 7 Precision Spray Patterns (Shower, Centre, Cone, Flat, Mist, Spout, Jet)
  • Marshall & Other watering brands compatible

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