Who Let The Dog Out? Social Deduction Game

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Use your powers of investigation to discover who committed the crime.

They'll love it because:

  • There are so many different characters to use
  • They can lie and cheat to hide their secrets
  • Clever questioning will find the culprit

Someone has let the dogs out, but who? You need to work out who the culprit is before they get away!

This unique card game will get everyone thinking. One of the neighbours has been untrustworthy and between you, you need to discover who. You can lead the search and identify the saboteur, but it may well have been you, in which case you will need to lead them in the wrong direction and ensure that you are not discovered.

A great card game for 4-8 players that takes about 30 minutes to complete. With maps to use, great characters and lots of dogs on offer, this is a family game that can be played many times over.

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