Sharples & Grant Home Sweet Home Hutch 'N Run Chalet

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Only available in store - or online via local delivery (5 mile radius of In-Excess Garden Centre / Store). Can not be posted. 

An environmentally friendly, quality wooden Rabbit hutch made from high quality Fir. This natural, traditional style will sit well in any garden.

A double-decked rabbit or guinea pig home which is divided into a warm, cosy & private sleeping area and a large run/pen below on floor level to allow exercise and natural wearing down of nails.

The Chalet is coated in an animal safe preservative before packing to ensure it is protected against the elements, helping to keep your small animals warm, dry & comfortable.

Assembly & Construction

The hutch is easy to assemble and tough when constructed. This Rabbit hutch is supplied in a easy to store flat pack and can be assembled in a matter of minutes using only a screwdriver.

It's super tough & durable when built due to the tongue & groove fittings and the groove flat roof.


It's suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs & any other small animals of the similar size & sort.

Dimensions: 96.5 x 78 x 120 


Due to high demand, this item is only available at your local store >>> Hurry before they are all gone!

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