Jumparoo Boing Geospace Kids Pogo Hop Stick - Medium & Large



BOING! BOING! BOING! This JUMPAROO BOING Jumping Stick captures the redesigned version of the always-popular American toy. The Y-shaped handle with foam grips that offers more hand positions than standard pogos, and greatly increases its control and ease of use. The rugged metal spring is completely encased by a steel housing, so there's no possibility of pinching, and all surfaces are rounded for extra safety. Even the rubber "foot" is superior. Its 3" diameter is twice that of most pogos, for greater security and stability.

Size Guide:

Medium Pogo Stick - Suitable for 27kg - 45kg ( Ages 9 & Up)

Large Pogo Stick - Suitable for 40kg - 72kg ( Ages 9 & Up)

  • Available In two Sizes: Large & Medium
  • Available in two Colours: Red & Blue
  • Y-shaped handle
  • Foam grips 
  • Metal spring (completely encased)
  • Sturdy rubber "foot"

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