Flopro Soft Flo Advanced Gun

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Flopro soft flo advanced gun


Flopro lightweight watering gun with a choice of four spray patterns. Ergonomically styled, it includes a comfort grip handle and allows single-handed adjustment of the water flow.

A moulded hook lets you hang it on a hose cart, wheelbarrow etc between uses, rather than having to pick it up again. Ideal for watering and cleaning jobs around the garden.

Made from ultra-tough UV-resistant plastic. Universal connection snap-fits to all 12.5mm hoses.


Covers all watering jobs

The Flopro SoftFlo Advanced Spray Gun has four spray patterns to cover all jobs around the garden. 

  1. Container watering
  2. Vegetables & flower bed watering
  3. Cleaning tough dirt
  4. Car washing

Super gentle water flow

The Flopro SoftFlo Spray Gun is perfect to water your container plants and baskets. The unique setting mixes water with air to create a soft and gentle waterflow which makes sure your container soil does not get displaced, keeps the fluffy structure of the compost and does not harm the vulnerable plants and roots. It also actually waters the soil and roots instead of the plants leaves which reduces scorching risk during hot summer days.


This range of top quality watering equipment is a one-off opportunity, all ex-shop display stock...  We can't repeat this deal... when they are gone, they are gone, so grab yours now!


Flopro is an innovative watering range designed and engineered with the user in mind. Fresh colours and sleek contemporary lines add a stylish accent to your garden while taking care of all of your watering needs.

All Flopro products are built to last and to make your life just that little bit easier! They are tried and tested to ensure they function in all weather conditions, won’t crack or disintegrate on impact. They are Anti-Leak, UV protected and are fully compatible with all watering brands.

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