Selling To Us

Are you :-

  • A manufacturer, supplier, distribution company or wholesaler?
  • Thinking about expanding or consolidating?
  • In possession of stock that you need to liquidate?

Then speak to In-Excess :-

  • We are a small highly reactive company
  • We will consider all non-perishable goods
  • We only buy stock to sell in our own stores
  • We operate in a confined area of Southern England
  • We will protect your market
  • We buy un-barcoded and unpackaged goods
  • We will over-label or re-package products when required
  • We can pay!

In-Excess has been trading for over 25 years, during this time we have established long-term business relationships with companies that periodically experience problems or issues with some of their customers and major accounts. Our policy of total discretion is the foundation upon which many of our business relationships have been built. We are able to assist companies with abandoned warehouse consignments, cancelled orders, mail order close-outs, surplus stock or over-production and general stock clearance.

We will buy all types of products in small or large quantities, packaged or loose, with or without a barcode. Our storage facility enables us to purchase large stock consignments, even when the product is well out of season. Whether you have several container loads of cargo or a few boxes of surplus stock we will evaluate your consignment and make you a competitive offer.

Nobody wants unnecessary overheads. Our infrastructure enables us to react quickly and efficiently to clear problem consignments reducing expenditure.

In-Excess owns a chain of retail outlets located in Southern England within a 30-mile radius. We re-sell stock directly through our stores, this assures our suppliers of a controlled exit thereby protecting their marketplace. If required we will re-package or over-label products.