36mm Natural Jute Rope - 20m

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  • Natural coloured rope.
  • It has good resistance to sunlight and good knot-holding ability.
  • Jute rope is often used in arts & crafts, furniture making, plant support, decking projects, gym ropes, climbing ropes, battle ropes.
  • Jute rope is also an excellent sash cord.
  • Popular in gardens, barrier and handrail ropes.
  • Can also be used as a decorative purposes indoors and outdoors.
  • Great for fun competitions and sports day.
  • Jute rope can be used around the house or garden as a general purpose rope.
  • Can also be used for gardening, decking, climbing, swings, decorative rope work, and cat scratching posts
  • The natural-coloured jute is ideal for DIY rustic-looking craft projects, handmade plant hangers, rugs, and stairways.
  • Length: 20 metres

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