60 Cell Propagator Tray Insert - Pack of 3 - In-Excess Direct

60 Cell Propagator Tray Insert - Pack of 3

The 60 cell insert tray provides a simple, straightforward way to raise small seeds of bedding bedding plants and vegetables. Seedlings are easy to lift out of the individual cells with minimal root disturbance for rapid establishment when planted. For best results, fill with a sowing and cutting compost, sow seeds and cover in a propagator.

  • Stock from a national retailer
  • Encourage root growth in new seedlings
  • Easy to remove seedlings from the tray
  • Insert Dimensions: L 36.5cm, W 22.5cm, H 4cm
  • Cell Dimensions: L 3cm, W 3cm, H 4cm
  • Pack Quantity: 3 x 60 cell inserts (180 cells in total)

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