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72 Cell Propagator Tray With Lid and Inserts

This 72 cell propagator provides the ideal conditions for raising seeds and rooting cuttings. The insert creates individual plant cells which makes it easier to lift out seedlings and rooted cuttings without root disturbance when planting. The tray catches excess water and compost so the propagator is ideal for a windsill.
  • Stock from a national retailer
  • Complete propagation unit ready to use
  • Encourage root growth in new seedlings
  • Easy to remove seedlings from the tray
  • Propagator Dimensions: L 55cm, W 30cm, H 12cm (with lid on)
  • Cell Dimensions: L 3.5cm, W 3.5cm, H 5cm
  • Pack Quantity: 1 x Propagation Tray, 1 x Propagation Lid, 4 x 18 cell inserts (72 cells in total)

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