Chapelwood Wildlife Hedgehog House CPW1669 Garden FSC Wooden Retreat

  • RRP £45.00 our price only £9.95
  • Provide a safe retreat for hedgehogs with this Chapelwood FSC Wooden Hedgehog House. The entrance is just large enough to allow your prickly friends in but prevent predatory animals gaining access. Encouraging hedgehogs to live in this house can be an effective form of pest control as a single hedgehog can keep an average garden free of pests by eating up to 200 grams of insects each night. Placing a hedgehog house in your garden provides a long-term, safe habitat for a hedgehog - encouraging hibernation and nesting.
  • Made from strong and durable FSC wood, this Hedgehog House features a maze interior offering secure areas to hibernate, shelter and feed. Other animals will inevitably smell any food inside and this house is solid enough to ensure they cannot get in. It is a well-designed, comfortable hedgehog habitat will ensure that they are safe and secure during the lengthy hibernation process.
  • The hinged roof can be opened to enable cleaning or observation and there is a vent hole at the back that offers additional fresh air circulation, which can be particularly beneficial during the hibernation period.
  • FSC approved wood.
  • Non-toxic paint.
  • It is advisable to weatherproof the wood before use.
  • Do not use slug pellets as these are poisonous to hedgehogs.
  • Ensure your garden has entry/exit routes for hedgehogs to come and go.
  • Dimensions: approx. L44 x W36 x H30cm
  • New in box

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