Charcoal Grill Premium Ozen Plus 2.5 kg - In-Excess Direct

Charcoal Grill Premium Ozen Plus 2.5 kg

Product description:

  • Charcoal Ozen Plus is a product of the highest quality. It is characterized by excellent performance characteristics:
  • A very short time firing
  • high temperature
  • Slow BBQ
  • Ozen Plus is the world's first product using, arising during the dry distillation of wood, thermal energy to produce electricity.
  • For the production of coal is used exclusively Polish hardwood: beech, oak, ash, hornbeam, meet international standards of proper forest management FSC.

Product advantages:

  • A quality product
  • Ensures long grilling
  • Has a high calorific value
  • Short kindling
  • The product is 100% natural, contains no chemicals
  • Produced without the use of external energy

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