Dupont Great Stuff Pro Gun Foam Fixer Window & Door 750ml - Gun App

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Great Stuff Pro Gun Foam Fixer Window & Door is a fast cure, low expansion polyurethane foam, ideal for fixing window and door frames. It forms a lasting bond in the most demanding applications.
Application Instructions: Shake the can vigorously for 30 seconds. Screw the threaded basket end of the gun onto the valve. Care must be taken not to over tighten the dispensing assembly. During processing, the can must be held inverted with the valve in bottom position. To extrude the foam, pressure has to be carefully applied to the gun trigger. The gun trigger can be adjusted by turning the round knob at the rear of the gun dispenser. The fresh foam will expand after application, therefor care must be taken not to overfill joints.

  • Low expansion, fast cure
  • Lasting bond, excellent cell structure gives improved insulation and a cleaner cut
  • Gun application – improves accuracy with finer bead, less waste and multi session usage
  • Ready to use, fast curing, high performance, one component material
  • Self moulding to surface irregularities
  • Please note: Expiry Date August 2022

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