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Early Bird Pelleted Poultry Manure - 15kg

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Poultry Manure is the most effective organic material to promote growth and health in plants with nutrient values up to six times greater than other manures. The pellets provide a balanced source of nutrients and trace elements to ensure strong, healthy growth whilst a high organic matter content promotes an optimum soil environment. 

  • Promotes strong, healthy growth in all plants
  • Improves soil quality and provides better moisture retention, drainage and aeration
  • Prevents loss of nitrogen and minimises unpleasant odours
  • Sourced from non-battery farms and then refined including composting, shredding, milling, pelletising and heat sterilisation
  • Pack Volume: 15 kilograms (approximate)
Composition & Usage

Directions for use
To accelerate the nutrient flow and plant roots, water in the material after application. Application rates are dependent upon soil conditions and experience of use but the following notes serve as guidelines.

Vegetables, Soft Fruit, Bed & Border Plants and Shrubs
Sprinkle 150g per square metre (about 3 handfuls) and work into top soil, ideally about 2 weeks before sowing or planting. Thereafter apply every 3-4 weeks to establishing plants.

Apply 150g per square metre (about 3 handfuls) per bush when planting and repeat directions as for vegetables etc.

Evenly sprinkle 75g per square metre (about 1 1/2 handfuls) and water in well.

Soil Improvement
Evenly sprinkle up to 300g per square metre (about 6 handfuls) and work into top soil. Ideally apply in the autumn to prepare growing areas for spring planting but it is advisable to also sow an appropriate green manure crop as a ground cover to prevent nutrient loss from heavy winter rains.

Compost Making
Sprinkle evenly between layers of garden and kitchen waste to accelerate decomposition.

Cautionary Notes

  • Do not apply to bare roots
  • Do not exceed appropriate application rates
  • Store this product in dry, frost-free conditions away from garden chemicals
  • Wear gloves when handling


 Dry Matter 90%
 Organic Matter 65%
 Nitrogen (N) 4.5%
 Phosphorous (P2O5) 3.4%
 Potassium (K20) 2.7%
 Magnesium (MgO) 1.1%
 Calcium (CaO) 9.3%
 Plus trace elements: Iron, Boron, Manganese, Molydenum, Copper, Zinc
 Due to the natural origin of raw materials within this product analyses may vary

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