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Eco All Natural Tree & Shrub Compost - 50 Litres

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Eco Tree & Shrub Compost is a high quality product, offering improved soil structure and helps to establish youthful trees and shrubs. Tree & Shrub is made from 100% organic material and is easy to use. It is low maintenance and proven to aid water retention and improve drainage capability.

  • Added nutrients help to create the optimum blend and a superb source of organic matter
  • Phosphoric acid is added to lower the pH balance, making it an optimum growing media for acid loving plants
  • Pack Volume: 50 litres (approximate)
  • Pack Weight: 22 kilograms (approximate)
Usage Guidelines

Manufacture process
Described as 'nature's traditional compost' Eco Tree & Shrub Compost is made from 100% organic material. It is rigorously shredded, sorted and aerobically composted for a minimum of 12 weeks. This process helps nature take its course, slowly reducing down the material, harnessing its rich supply of powerful nutrients. It's then screened thoroughly to ensure the particles share a consistent size, making it easy to use and perfect to help your garden flourish.

Usage instructions

  1. Dig a hole twice as wide as the plant container or root system and 8-10cm deeper
  2. Spread 8cm of Eco Tree & Shrub over the base of the hole and fork in well
  3. Immerse the container in water until thoroughly soaked, then position in the centre of the hole level with surrounding soil
  4. Insert stake if necessary and tie in plant
  5. Mix Eco Tree & Shrub 50:50 with soil and fill in the hole
  6. Tread in firmly, water well and cover with 8cm of Eco Tree & Shrub to act as a surface mulch

Eco Tree & Shrub Compost can also be used to enhance the soil and improve the growth of existing plants

Cautionary Information

  • Mind your hands, always wear gloves when handling
  • To keep your product fresh, reseal the bag after use
  • Please keep this packaging away from babies and children
  • Store this product well away from garden chemicals and weedkillers to prevent contamination, and in a dry cool place away from excessive sunlight and heat

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