Erin Traditional Tub & Basket Compost - 50 Litres

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Erin Tub and Basket Compost is a specialist mix which creates perfect growing conditions in confined mediums such as hanging baskets, pots and containers. Enriched with enough plant foods to last the first 6-8 weeks after planting it is the perfect choice when brightening up any patio, pathway or decking area!

  • Made to Erin's unique formula to produce exceptional growing results
  • Ideal for hanging baskets, pots, containers, tubs, seedlings, rooted cuttings and potting
  • Contains plant foods to last 6-8 weeks after planting
  • Pack Volume: 50 litres (approximate)
  • Pack Weight: 22 kg (approximate)
Usage Guidelines

Directions for use
Use straight from the bag for plants at all growth stages. Once in use, always keep Erin Tub & Basket Compost moist but do not allow plants to stand in water

Tubs, Pots & Containers
Half fill the container with Erin Tub & Basket Compost, place the plants evenly inside while filling around the roots with more compost. Gently firm the compost, water-in well but do not saturate.

Hanging Baskets
Partially fill the basket with Erin Tub & Basket Compost. Begin by placing plants through the liner into the basket sides, taking care not to damage the roots. Add more compost and plants until the basket is full. Firm carefully and water thoroughly.

Potting on & Re-potting
Partly fill the pot with Erin Tub & Basket Compost. Make sure you have chosen the correct size pot to comfortably hold the plant roots. Place the plant in the centre. Fill the surrounding area with more compost, firming with your fingertips tightly around the roots ball. Water-in well but do not saturate.

Ericaceous Plants
This compost is not suitable for lime-hating plants.


  • Store in a cool dry area
  • Open pack carefully and avoid breathing in dust
  • Reseal pack after use

Local Delivery Only

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