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EverBuild 202 Premium Integral Waterproofer - 5 Litres

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Integral Liquid Waterproofer is a liquid additive that provides long term water protection to mortar, concrete and rendering. This waterproofer from EverBuild reduces water permeability and is suitable for all applications where resistance to water absorption is necessary such as pool and tank linings, roof areas, external rendering and pointing and structures below ground level.

  • Contents: 5 Litres
  • Reduces Water Permeability
  • Protects Against Erosion
Technical Data & Application


  • Reduces surface absorption
  • Reduces permeability of concrete and mortar mixes
  • Increases compressive strength
  • Air entraining.- will not “flatten” the mix.
  • Will not corrode steel reinforcement (Brick ties etc.)
  • Improves workability
  • Easier application in render mixes
  • Low toxicity

Areas For Use

  • Waterproofing below ground (basements etc.)
  • Waterproofing above ground (mortar, render, screeds)
  • Waterproofing the linings of water tanks/silage pits/ponds


  • Do not use in structural concrete

Surface Preparation
NOTE: If you intend to overstain the wood once filled always choose the colour of filler that nearest matches the wood you are filling, not the stain you intend to use. This filler may dry to a slightly darker shade. As the filler may absorb some stains at different rates to the surrounding timber, always test a small area first. Before applying, ensure surfaces are clean, dry, sound and free from dust or any contaminants which may affect adhesion

In all cases, add to water at an addition rate of 0.5 to 1 litre per 100 kg cement, or alternatively, one part Integral Waterproofer to 20 to 40 parts water and mix until fully dispersed, then add to mix. Gauge the mix as stiff as possible to minimise risk of cracking.

Below Ground Work:

  • Renders should be composed of 3 parts sharp sand (to BS1199) to 1 part cement by volume. Do not apply to weak backgrounds.
External W/Proof Renders:
  • External renders should be composed of 4.5 parts sharp sand (BS1199) to one part cement by volume. Apply render 18-20mm thick in two coats.
Rough cast Work
  • The backing coat should consist of 3 parts sharp sand (BS1199) to one part cement by volume.
Swimming Pools & Tanks:
  • The mix design should be 3 parts sharp sand (BS1199) to one part cement by volume. Apply an 18- 20mm thick render coat over walls and a 35-38mm thick render over floor. Take care to ensure that joints are staggered and corners coved. Overcoating with an impervious coating or tiling is recommended.
  • Gauge at 1:2:4 or 1:1.5:3 parts cement:sand:coarse aggregate

Store in original container between 5 and 40 C

Shelf Life
Two years in original unopened containers

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