EverBuild 204 Premium Evermix 3 in 1 - 5 Litre

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Evermix 3 in 1 triple action admixture waterproofs, plasticises and retards to reduce the setting time of render mixes. Evermix 3 in 1 is particularly formulated for use in renders, dry dash and pebble-dashing, however it can also be used in any cement mixture where waterproofing and increased workability are required!

  • Contents: 5 Litres
  • Triple action admixture
    • Waterproofer
    • Plasticiser
    • Retarder
Technical Data & Application


  • The combination of an air entrainer and retarder allows larger areas to be covered in one application
  • Improves workability/trowelability
  • Significantly reduces water penetration
  • Chloride free (chloride ion content < 0.1%)
  • Reduces bleeding/segregation
  • Improves durability
  • Inhibits efflorescence
  • Reduces shrinkage (cracking and crazing reduced)
  • Enhances insulation properties.

Areas For Use

  • As an admixture for exterior/interior cement rendered finishes such as roughcast, harling and dashing


  • When mixing, take care not to over mix

Surface Preparation
Before using 3 IN 1 Render mix, it is important to ensure that the surface to which it is to be applied is clean and free form dust and loose material and that the structure has sufficient mechanical strength. Walls should be wire-brushed and any old paint etc. removed. All contaminants such as oil, grease, or any surface contamination must be removed to ensure adequate development of bond when the render is applied.

Add Evermix 3 in 1 to mix at an addition rate of 250 to 500ml per 50kg cement depending on the degree of plasticising/retardation required. Note: remember to reduce required quantity of water accordingly (up to 20%). Alternatively, add to mixing drum at an addition rate of one part 3 IN 1 to 20/40 parts water.

    Store at moderate temperatures

    Shelf Life
    2 years in original container at stated storage temperatures

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