EverBuild 404 Fungicidal Wash - 1 Litre

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EverBuild Fungicidal Wash is a powerful, fast acting anti-fungal cleaner that removes mould, algae, lichen, green slime and fungal growth both in and around the home. The product is suitable for use on most common building surfaces and on glass, ceramics and most plastics. The Fungicidal Wash also leaves a residual surface to help prevent further infestation.

  • Interior uses: For cleaning mould from wallpaper, paintwork, plaster, ceilings etc. Particularly effective on old mouldy sealant around baths, showers and sink areas. Also very effective on ceramic tiles and mould stained grouting
  • Exterior uses: Cleaning mould etc from stone, brick, wood, concrete, bitumen, roofing felt etc prior to applying a new surface coating. This product is particularly suitable for cleaning mould and green slime from paths, patios, paving slabs, garden furniture, sheds, garages, greenhouses and fences
Technical Data & Application


  • Internal and external use.
  • Fast acting.
  • Leaves a residual surface to prevent future infestation.
  • Powerful formulae. registered with HSE under “Control of Pesticides Regulations; 1986” (HSE 10400).

Areas For Use

  • Kills mould and fungal growth caused by damp on internal and external floors and walls.
  • Kills mould and fungal growth on roofs prior to coating with bituminous coatings.
  • Removes algae, lichen, green slime and fungal growth from patios/drives


  • Ready to use - do not dilute
  • For use only as specified as a surface biocide

Always read label before use and wear suitable protective equipment. Supplied ready to use. Do not dilute. Remove all surface debris and growth from the area to be treated. Apply by brush or spray in at a rate of 1 litre per 5 - 10m2 depending on porosity of surface. Leave solution for 20 minutes. Finally, wash down the area with water. Repeat process for badly infested areas. Take care not to allow residues to run directly into fresh watercourses. 

1 litre will cover approximately 5-10m2 of surface depending on the nature of the surface

Store at moderate temperatures in original containers. PROTECT FROM FROST.

Shelf Life
24 months from date of manufacture when stored according to manufacturers instructions

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