EverBuild Decorators Flexible Filler White - 290ml

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Flexible Decorators Filler is a fast drying, acrylic based filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. It can be overpainted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper with no sanding down required thanks to the smooth finish.

  • For sealing and filling gaps and cracks before decorating
  • No sanding down required, remains flexible
  • Ready to paint or paper over in just 1 hour
  • Suitable for interior use only
    Technical Data & Application

    Areas For Use

    • For sealing and filling cracks and gaps prior to decorating.
    • For use around skirting boards, ceiling cornices, window and door frames, stair treads and risings and fixtures adjoining walls.
    • Can be used to fill damaged plaster.


    • Not for use in conjunction with bitumen or asphalt.
    • Do not attempt to abrade when cured.
    • Do not overpaint until a surface skin has formed.
    • Note: this product is a flexible. Certain poor quality paints (especially certain vinyl matts) have very little movement in the dry film. It is possible for the dry paint film to crack if movement is excessive.

    Surface Preparation
    All surfaces must be clean, dry and dust free. All loose or flaking surface coatings, and old sealant and mastic joints, should be removed before application. Highly porous substrates such as new plaster should first be primed with a dilution of filler with water at a ratio of 1:2. Can be applied to slightly damp surfaces.

    Cut the tip of the cartridge taking care not to damage the thread. Apply nozzle and cut cleanly at an angle of 45’ with an opening slightly larger than the gap to be sealed. Apply using a standard sealant gun. Best results will be obtained by keeping an even pressure on the gun trigger and keeping the gun at a constant angle to the surface being sealed. Smooth down within 15 minutes of application using a wetted spatula, piece of wood or wetted finger. Care should be taken at this point not to saturate the surface as this will delay drying. Any excess sealant etc. can be removed using a sponge and warm water. Can be overpainted after 1 hour.

    Curing Times

    • Tack Free: 15 to 60 mins, dependent on thickness, ambient temperature and humidity
    • Full Cure: 3 to 5 days, dependent on thickness, ambient temperature and humidity

    Store in cool dry conditions and protect from frost

    Shelf Life
    36 months from date of manufacture in original unopened containers

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