EverBuild Stain Block Spray White - 400ml

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Stainblock is a spray applied heavily pigmented white paint which permanently prevents existing stains from water, mould, rust, nicotine, grease, soot, crayon showing through subsequent coatings. It is quick drying and can be overcoated in just 15 minutes.

  • Permanently blocks existing stains from re-appearing
  • Easy to apply with spray application
  • White finish which can be overpainted in just 15 minutes
Technical Data & Application


  • Easy application aerosol formula.
  • Works on most types household/commercial surfaces.
  • Heavily pigmented formula for quick easy coverage.


    • Use only as directed
    • Do not use on bitumen.
    • Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to full application.
    • It is users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt please contact technical services for advice.

    If stain is due to water leak or penetrating damp, ensure the source of the stain is cured prior to application. Where patches of mould have grown, wash areas first with Moss and Mould remover and allow to dry. Remove rust and soot with a wire brush, wash down areas and allow to dry. Shake the can until a rattling noise is heard then shake for a further 1-2 minutes to mix the paint. Spray Stain Block onto the affected area from a distance of 20-30cm until stain is completely covered. Allow to dry for 15 minutes before covering. If area is to be overcoated with a solvent based paint, first apply a water based primer to ensure compatibility with Stain Block

      Store in cool dry conditions and protect from sunlight. Keep away from sources of ignition.

      Shelf Life
      Indefinite in original unopened containers.

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