EverBuild Stick2 Instant Bond Textile Adhesive - 30ml

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Stick 2 Textile Adhesive is a quick setting white adhesive for bonding a variety of textiles and fabrics. It is also capable of bonding non porous surfaces such as plastic, uPVC and metals. An instant bond is achieved in as little as 1 minute.

  • Adhesive is white for easier application
  • 1 minute instant bond adhesive
  • Typical applications include cloth, canvas, fabric, leather, foam, paper, sponge, cardboard and stone
Technical Data & Application

Areas For Use

  • Cloth
  • Canvas
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Foam
  • Paper
  • Sponge
  • Cardboard
  • Stone


  • Do not use below 5C
  • As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, it is the users responsibility to determine suitability of use. If in doubt, contact Technical Services Department for advice.

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from dust. When bonding non porous items abrade the surface with sand paper to help improve adhesion. Apply adhesive sparingly to both surfaces (take care not to apply too much adhesive). Leave both surfaces to dry for approximately 15 minutes then bring together.

    Remove any excess glue immediately with acetone, ethanol alcohol or MEK

    Store in original unopened containers between 10 and 25 C. Reseal immediately once used

    Shelf Life
    12 months from date of manufacture in original unopened containers

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