Halls Hygiene PVA Mop Refill for Laminate Floors - In-Excess Direct

Halls Hygiene PVA Mop Refill

1 Units - £1.00 
6 Units - £4.50 (£0.75 per unit)
12 Units - £6.00 (£0.50 per unit)

Industrial PVA Sponge Mop Refill is an excellent accessory for floor cleaning. It is great at absorbing huge amounts of water. This super PVA sponge mop head dries floors quickly and effortlessly, whilst also removing dirt and grime with its ridged surface.

  • Poly Vinyl Acetate Cleans, Washes and Dries in One Wipe
  • Retains Up to 10 Times more liquid than any standard mop
  • Light, Strong Construction

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