Hozelock 4204 PURE Spraying Kit

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Ideal for your homemade preparations

 A kit for the storage and application of homemade preparations for the garden and to clean the house.

Key Benefits Include:

  • 360° operation to spray in every direction, even upside down
  • Opaque tank for optimum storage of preparations
  • Fine filter bag to remove particulates and prevent the blocking of the sprayer
  • Ultra-resistant pump thanks to seals that are compatible with aggressive products (white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, citric acid)
  • Capacity - 1.25L
  • Sprayer Features - 360° Function, Adjustable Nozzle, Filter, High-Resistance Seals, Lockable On/Off Flow Control


Ideal for homemade solutions – Hozelock’s Pure Kit includes a 1.25l pressure sprayer with 360° function to cover all of the plant. There is a fine filter to avoid nozzle blockage and specific seals to be compatible with vinegar, making it suitable for use with your homemade preparations.

In addition, the kit comes with a Pure Tank – (compatible with the spraying head) to store your homemade solutions, a dosing spoon for easy preparation and a recipe booklet. 

Recipe Ideas

Want to prevent aphids on your plants? 1L of water + 1 1/2 spoons of black soap. Spray on and under the leaves.

Need to remove limescale from a stainless steel surface? 1L of water + 2 1/2 spoons of citric acid spray, rinse.

Find details of more homemade recipe ideas from our Pure Recipe Leaflet in the Instructions download section below.


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