Kokoba Dumbbell Dog Dental Toy

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The Kokoba zigzag dumbbell is a fun chew toy for your dog to play with that also gently cleans their teeth and gums. This zigzag dumbbell is specially designed to help improve your dog's oral health while they play. Pointy rubber nubs rub gently on your pet's gums and teeth as they chew, helping to clean away dental plaque. The durable rubber material provides your dog with enough resistance to gently strengthen their jaw, without causing any harm or damage to their mouth.

  • 100% natural and non-toxic rubber
  • Flexible and durable material to entertain and mentally stimulate your dog
  • Special design to help clean your dogs teeth and massage their gums
  • Dimensions of Small Dumbbell: 125mm x 50mm
  • Dimensions of Large Dumbbell: 180mm x 75mm 

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