Mercury Plug In Mini Heater - 400w

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Fast heating with ultra quiet fan: within seconds you have instant heat flowing directly where you desire

  • Energy efficient & Portable: compact, ergonomic design enables you to take the heater anywhere, easily. With ceramic heating plate technology, you are warming quickly and holding onto the heat
  • Overheating protection & safe Ceramic element: Self-Regulating heat design will cut the heater and keep you safe. If for any reason the Temp of the heater gets too high, it will turn off
  • Adjustable temperature & rotating mains plug: digital screen for temperature reading. Simply adjust, up or down accordingly. The space saving design has an added trick up its sleeve. You can rotate the plug and adjust the heater from a vertical, to a horizontal positioning
  • Instant heat delivered from a compact, 400W fan heater. You can fully adjust with our ergonomic design
  • The rotating UK mains plug allows you to angle the heater, both vertically and horizontal. Fully adjustable heat is easy with the digital LED screen
  • Adjust the Temp accordingly from 15°C to 32°C, or even use the built in 12-hour programmable timer

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