Perimeter Professional Mattock Pick Axe With Hard Beech Wood Handle - 5lb

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The Perimeter Mattock Pick Axe with Hard Beechwood Handle,  is the most suitable tool for the job whether you're grubbing or hoeing. The Mattock has two flat blades, facing away from each other with one rotated 90° relative to the other. The axe blade is designed to be used for cutting through roots and chopping into the ground and the other adze blade for digging or hoeing making it a very versatile planting tool.
  • 5lb Mattock Head
  • Ideal for grubbing or hoeing
  • Hard wearing drop forged steel
  • Beech Wood Handle transmits less shocks to the hands
  • Dimesnions: 420mm (Head Width)  x 900mm (Handle Length)

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