Pest-Stop Professional Repelling Bird Spikes 50cm Strips - Pack of 10 - In-Excess Direct

Pest-Stop Professional Bird Spikes 50cm Strips - Pack of 10

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Pest-Stop's Professional Bird Spikes are a humane solution to nuisance birds which are landing, fouling and making noise on your property. The spikes are professional grade, with 10cm tough stainless steel spikes on a strong weather and UV resistant plastic base. Pest-Stop's spikes include anti-barging technology, so unlike other bird spikes, larger birds cannot simply make a nest out of them!

  • Areas to use include windowsills, ledges, roof edges, guttering and walls
  • Flexible base allows the spikes to be fixed to arches and curved areas
  • Attach with screws, grip adhesive or strong adhesive pads
  • Strips can be cut to desired size and to fit specific spaces
  • Repel birds across a 5 metre area with one pack
  • Pack Contents: 10 x 50cm strips

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