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Wall Mounted LED Floodlight with PIR - 10W

Suitable for outdoor use this LED PIR Floodlight has adjustable dusk controls ideal for security purposes. This powerful and long lasting LED spotlight can be wall mounted and with its PIR sensor can be used as an effective floodlight or security light. With a durable black die cast aluminium finish and a clear glass cover this light is ideal for outdoor home and work use.

  • 1 x 10W White LED / 230V mains Voltage 
  • 5 Seconds to 10 Minute adjustable time-on facility.
  • Uses 90% less energy than a 120W halogen floodlight
  • 'A' rated energy efficient
  • Adjustable time on and off dusk controls
  • Integrated PIR sensor
Further Information

About PIR

A passive infrared sensor or PIR sensor is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) radiation being emitted from objects in its field of view. This essentially means that when an object; be that a person or animal walks past the sensor, it will pick up there heat signature and trigger the light to switch on.

  This means PIR Lighting is an ideal lighting system to use for security purposes as it can detect objetcs up to 6 metres away from the sensor. The PIR sensor on this light can be adjusted and angled to give you the best sensitivity and results.


Dimensions of Unit

  • Length: 175mm 
  • Width: 115mm 
  • Depth: 98mm

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