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The Alf Collapsible Trolley, with its maximum load of 100kg, allows for you to take more belongings with you and remove the load on your own shoulders. Its swivelling front wheel, and off-road tires, provide control and strong navigation when walking outdoors – and its tear-resistant fabric and steel frame adds significant durability to the trolley. And when you get to camp, or when you return home, the trolley folds away into a small, compact solution – ideal for both storage and transportation, from home to your adventure.

Key features:

  • Durable and swivelling wheels for off-road travel, suitable for all terrain
  • High maximum load of 100kg
  • Weatherproof and easy to clean
  • Collapses and folds into a compact solution
  • Tear-resistant fabric 


      • Frame: steel tube
      • Covering: 100% polyester 600D
      • Length: 91cm
      • Width: 48cm
      • Height: 45cm
      • Folded dimensions: 77 x 31x 23cm
      • Weight: 10.2kg
      • Maximum load: 100kg
      • Colours available: grey and green.

            For some people, a home away from home can simply be the roof (or tent) over their head. For others, it might mean more than that – thus more belongings might need to go with them. Alternatively, you (and your camping party) might simply need more supplies – perhaps your journey is set to be a long one. Regardless, with its maximum load as high as 100kg (thanks to its sturdy, tubular steel frame), the Alf Collapsible Trolley allows for you and your party to take plenty with you.

            It is a resilient trolley, equipped to tackle the outdoors and any terrain the outside world might throw at it. Its tyres are all-terrain and made of PVC, while the fabric is tear-resistant. Together, they make the Alf Collapsible Trolley a delightful and reliable travelling companion. It is fully weatherproof and, once returned home, it is easy to wash clean – made ready to use for your next adventure.

            It is lightweight, and it is easily, and compactly, folded up – perfect for storage once emptied at your destination. And getting to your destination is just as simple. Its front wheels swivel, allowing for good control and navigation when hiking through the wild.

            With the Alf Collapsible Trolley, you can take extra belongings with you, making your trip that much more luxurious. Alternatively, use it to take the weight off your shoulders. Let your trolley take the load of your tent, your awning, or your camping chairs, beds, or tables.

            The box includes:

            • 1x camping trolley – the Alf Collapsible Trolley
            • 1x storage case

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