Raptor Multi Material Drill Bit - 6.5 x 100mm

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The Swiss Army Knife of the drill world the Raptor multi-material drill bit is a staple element of any tradesman’s PTA arsenal! This innovative drill bit from Raptor is suitable to use on metal, wood, masonry, plastics and a vast array of multi-layered materials. The precision ground construction ensures faster, cleaner hole drilling even in hard materials whilst the advanced Carbide tip gives this exceptional drill bit prolonged life in both rotary and impact modes. The Raptor Multi-Material drill bit is the perfect Professional drill bit for professional tradesmen.

Product Features

  • Suitable for drilling into an array of materials commonly encountered on the job, including wood, metal, masonry and plastic
  • 135° drill tip ensures an easy start in any material and helps provide excellent drilling performance
  • Sculpted flute for exceptional dust removal
  • Plain shank ensures compatibility with most brands of drill drivers

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