Reusable Face Shield Glasses & Visor

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The Reusable Safety Face Glasses & Visor has been designed to GREATLY REDUCE the risk from an airborne virus.

This reusable PPE face shield glasses are suitable for wearing for sustained periods and ideal for anyone who is having to take their shield on and off quickly.

  • Glasses fitting for ease of wear
  • Lightweight & Easy to assemble
  • Full face coverage
  • Anti-fog
  • Suitable for wearing with prescription glasses / face mask
  • Works with Face Recognition software
  • Washable screen

Purchase Options

Single Shield Glasses & Visor - £2.99 each
Box of 20 Shield Glasses & Visor - £50.00 (£2.50p each)

These shields are recommended for; 

  • Shop workers
  • Serving staff
  • Hairdressers
  • Anyone unable to maintain the 2 metre distance for a prolonged period.

Fully reusable, these face shield glasses are durable and light weight, providing comfort when wearing all day.

Face shields provide an effective method to protect the wearer from airborne droplets, fluid splashes and allow those that need to, to work closer than the recommeded safe distance.

These reusable face visors are easy to see through and still allow room for the wearer to also wear prescription glasses and a 3ply face mask to increase protection.

Each shield comes with a protective film that needs to be removed before use.

These shields meet the requirements set our for hairdressers and retail outlets.

One Visor/Shield is supplied.

  • Professional face shield protects the face and eyes from airborne droplets
  • Acetate provides clear vision and good anti-fog vision
  • Designed to protect the face and eyes against certain impact and chemical hazards
  • Comfortable fit
  • Made with durable and long lasting materials


  • Protective film coating both sides of the Visor should be removed before wearing.  

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