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Ronseal One Coat Sprayable Fence Life - 9 Litres

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Unsurprisingly, you only need to use one coat of Ronseal Sprayable One Coat Fence Life to colour and protect your shed or fence.This unbelievable 9 litre fence paint can be applied via a brush or by a sprayer... perfect if you want to get the job done quickly. Can be used on all rough sawn wood, whether it's new or already stained. You don't have to worry about it greying either, as it's colour will last a couple of years.

  • Colours Available: Dark Oak, Medium Oak & Forest Green
  • Coverage: 9 Litres of Ronseal fence life will cover approximately 45m² (Approximately 11 Fence Panels)
  • Pet and Plant Safe
  • Colours and protects rough sawn wood
  • 100% showerproof in 1 hour
  • Keeps its colour for up to 2 years
  • Protects your wood from greying
  • Can be brushed or sprayed
  • Low VOC (0.3% to 7.99%)

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