Solid Wall Plastic Rawl Plug Medium Weight Fixing - 3.5-6.5mm Screw (Gauge 6-14)



These Light & medium weight durable Plastic Plugs are ideal for fixing ducting, light switches and light weight objects.As well as fixing shelving, curtain rails, wall lights and kitchen fittings. Suitable for use in solid brickwork, concrete or blockwork, these rawl plugs are bound to securely hold in the screws and fixtures you have.
  • Quantity: 200 Plastic Rawl Plugs
  • Requires 3.5-6.5mm screws (Gauge 6-14)
  • Drill Bit Size: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm
  • Hole Depth: 30mm, 40mm, 45mm
  • Max. Fixture Thickness: 5mm
  • Light & Medium Weight use
  • Ideal for fast and easy fixings into Solid Walls
  • Suitable for solid brickwork, concrete or blockwork
  • Sourced from a leading DIY retailer

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