Sow & Grow Propagator Propagation Kit - Sky Blue | £1.00 - In-Excess Direct

Sow & Grow Propagator Propagation Kit - Sky Blue


This sow & grow propagator is a clean simple and convenient way of raising flowers, vegetables and herbs from seeds and cuttings; ideal for any gardener! This propagator consists of a drip tray, 22 compressed compost blocks and a clear lid, and is ideal for placing on a windowsill.
  • Sow & Grow unheated propagator
  • Kit for easy raising of seeds and cuttings
  • 22 compressed compost blocks
  • These kits are sourced from a large well known DIY chain
Further Information & Application


  • No Loose compost
  • Drip tray prevents water spillage - ideal for a windowsill


  • Length: 555mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Depth: 65mm

To expand the compost blocks, stand in a dish of luke warm water for 5 minutes then transfer to the drip tray. Gently push a seed or insert a cutting in to the top of each block and cover with the lid.

The compost blocks make planting of seedlings and rooted cuttings easy - simply plant the whole block so that the top is level with the soil surface.

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