Spear & Jackson Long Handled Stainless Steel Bulb Planter

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This Spear & Jackson Bulb planter makes it easy to create uniform planting holes for larger bulbs like daffodils, as well as potatoes and other tubers. Made from tough carbon steel that has been coated in chrome plating to enhance with a sharpened serrated edge, and topped with a comfortable ergonomic ash handle, it easily slices into soil to leave a hole ready for planting and refilling. Use it in lawns, beds, borders and pots to help you create neat, even displays.
  • 4" Measuring guide
  • Chrome plating for resistance to rust and easier cleaning
  • Serrated base for easier entry into heavy ground
  • Ideal for neating up displays
  • Dimensions(Including handle): 370mm x 100mm x 70mm 

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