Tetrion Stick with it! Super Fix 2 x 4ml

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Tetrion TSX001 Super Fix 2x4ml

Tetrion Super Fix is the quick and easy way to fill or reinforce small repairs where an ultra-strong, rock hard solution is required. Setting in just 7 seconds this product needs to be seen to be believed. The 2 part adhesive and powder format means filling or securing is a possibility for almost any non-vertical surface, the liquid adhesive can also be used alone as a bonding agent.

Perfect for repairs around the house and car; can be used to repair most plastics, PVC, surfaces, tools, toys, bumpers, grilles, radiators and much more, Once fully cured, Tetrion Super Fix is suitable for sanding, drilling and painting meaning high strength, inconspicuous repair is easily achievable. 

Suitable for use on: brick, ceramic, concrete, glass, metal, most plastics, rubber, wood and stone.


  • Ideal for filling and re-enforcng PVC, metal, grills, bumpers and radiators.
  • Sets as hard as rock in just 7 seconds
  • Easy to use 2 part design

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