Lizard Safety Utility Box Cutter Knife Pack of 2



  • Eliminate injuries in the work place as well as resulting medical and legal costs by using the semi-disposable Lizard Safety Utility Knife, specially designed to prevent cuts and lacerations. Regular utility knives can cause injuries while cutting or replacing blades. The Lizard assists in the prevention of both these possibilities. The Lizard's patented design has a retractable blade cover that locks safely back into place after cutting, leaving no loose or exposed blades. The blade of the Lizard is permanently imbedded in the handle of the knife so when the blade dulls, simply dispose of the entire Lizard knife. There is never any need to touch or change the blade.
  • Shatter and Corrosion Resistant Blades - Specially formulated surgical stainless steel
  • Automatic Retractable safety Blade Guard - Maximizes user protection during and after use
  • Composition - Manufactured with high-impact, shatter resistant, light-weight materials
  • High visibility color to minimize loosing the knife
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle provides a user friendly grip with a Safety Finger Stop and non-slip surface for better control while cutting

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