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Westland Fish, Blood & Bone All Purpose Plant Food - 10kg

Fish, Blood and Bone is an all purpose plant food which provides a fast acting and long lasting organic source of nutrients for healthy vegetables, flowers, trees & shrubs. This plant feed is especially high in phosphorus, which makes it particularly good for stimulating strong and healthy root growth.

  • Contents: 10kg Tub
  • Boosts fruit and vegatble crops
  • Pet & Child safe
  • Feeds shrubs and borders
  • Natural organic feed
  • Rich in essential nutrients
Application & Further Information

NPK Ingredients

Nitrogen (N) 3% Shoots For active leaf and stem growth
Phosphorus (P) 9% Roots For strong, healthy rooting
Potassium (K) 3% Fruits To promote strong, healthy flower & fruit development and disease resistance

How to use with different vegetation

Where To Use How To Use
Vegetables  Apply 70g  per m² as a top dressing and work in well.
 Trees & Shrubs Apply 70g per m² around the base of established plants. Gently fork into the soil surface without disturbing the roots
Flowers Apply 70g per m² to the soil surface and lightly fork in. Take care the granules do not touch the plant leaves or stem. 

When to Use

  • Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February until the end of October.
  • For best results the granules should be worked into the soil during dry weather.

        Safety Precautions

        • Avoid over dosing
        • Protect from frost & store out of direct sunlight
        • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. (In case of contact with eyes rise immediately with clean water)
        • Wash hands after use.
        • Store out of reach of children, animals and wildlife.

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