Wham-O Kids Play Mouldable Soft Squishy Play Sand - 1.5lbs (680g)

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Squishy Sand by Wham-O is the incredibly fun sand that you can mold, shape, and sculpt! Make all kinds of fun creations with Squishy Sand, as seen on TV. Perfect for playing in indoors- unlike regular sand, Squishy Sand sticks together so there's no mess! Squishy Sand sticks to itself but nothing else. It won't stick to hands, tables, clothes or floors making clean up super fast and easy. This kinetic sand never dries out so it lasts and lasts! 

  • Squish It! Mould It! Sculpt It!
  • Squishy Sand promotes creativity and keeps kids busy when they're indoors. 
  • Ages 3+.
  • Includes 1.5 lbs of non-toxic Squishy Sand and 3 sculpting tools. 
  • Squishy Sand makes the perfect gift!

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