Yorkshire Flowerpots Bedding/Bulb Bowl Small 320mm x 145mm - In-Excess Direct

Yorkshire Flowerpots Bedding/Bulb Bowl Small 320mm x 145mm

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  • 320mm diameter
  • 145mm height
  • Yorkshire Flowerpots aims to combine its industrial heritage with modern designs to make a durable and yet desirable product.
  • The stylish look of the pots has been achieved with input from some of Britain’s leading designers, as part of a government backed Design Council project.
  • Each flowerpot is individually stamped and has the uniqueness associated with a handmade product.

With the exception of our Landscape Range of larger pots, the majority of the Yorkshire Flowerpots range is machine finished. However, despite the technology invested in Yorkshire Flowerpots, some of our products still need an element of hand finishing to give it that final touch.

Over £2m has been invested on the latest technology to produce a range of flowerpots that are particularly suited to the British climate. The flowerpots are fired to temperatures in excess of 1050 degrees centigrade for up to 5 days in order to produce a blue core of incredible strength within the flowerpot - thereby rendering it frost proof.

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