Tougerjoy Elasticated Braided Belt - Blue

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Size: 105cm - 33"-35"
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Tougerjoy is an EU brand , specialising in the production of belts and bags.

These solid and two-tone belts with exquisite weaving add a touch of color to professional-colored business wear and are perfect for casual and sportswear. The elasticated stretch enables the belt to expand and contract as you move, making them ideal for golfing, walking, driving, hiking, delivery drivers, warehouse work belt or for any activity that involves movement.

  • The 35mm wide belt is suitable for both men and women
  • Total lengths are excluding the buckle.
  • The belt stretches approximately 1.8 inches.
  • Normal waist size should be ordered allowing for wearing the belt over clothing.
  • Waist Size 33"-35" – total length 105 cm
  • Waist Size 37"-39" – total length 115 cm
  • Waist Size 41"-43" – total length 125 cm
  • Waist Size 45"-47" – total length 135 cm

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