When you purchase an In-Excess Gift Card, we load up the card with a monetary value of between £10 - £200. The cards are mounted on a presentation card and we have three different designs for you to choose from.

Gift Cards can be purchased either online, or in-store.

Purchase a Gift Card



A Gift Card can be used in full or in part payment for items purchased at any of our Stores or Garden Centres.

In-Excess Gift Cards have no time limits or expiry dates. The monetary value of the gift cards can be redeemed at any In-Excess Store or Garden Centre in exchange for goods.  

The In-Excess Gift Cards are redeemable against any and all items in our Stores and Garden Centres.

In-Excess Gift Cards cannot be traded for the monetary value present on the card.

In-Excess Gift Cards cannot be used online to purchase goods via our website.

If you have any queries regarding the use and sale of Gift Cards at In-Excess please contact us