Join our events running throughout the summer and right up to Christmas….discover a mix of live demos and Q&As on a huge range of seasonal topics including herbs & health, growing roses, spring bulbs and wreath-making!


Gardener’s Question Time – Q&A on all things plants!

Monday 4th July    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 5th July Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 6th July West Parley  2pm
Thursday 7th July Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 8th July  Landford  2pm


All About Roses Q&A       

Monday 25th July    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 26th July Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 27th July West Parley  2pm
Thursday 28th July Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 29th July  Landford  2pm



Autumn Hanging Baskets Demo

Monday 26th September    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 27th September Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 28th September West Parley  2pm
Thursday 29th September     Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 30th September  Landford  2pm



Planting Spring Bulbs

Monday 17th October    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 18th October Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 19th October West Parley  2pm
Thursday 20th October  Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 21st October  Landford  2pm



To be confirmed – watch this space!



Wreath-Making Demo

Monday 5th December    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 6th December Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 7th December West Parley  2pm
Thursday 8th December Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 9th December  Landford  2pm