NEW for 2023!
Join our events running throughout the year….discover a mix of live demos, Q&As and workshops on a huge range of seasonal topics! All completely free to attend and no need to book. Check out the schedule below....we can't wait to see you there!



Plants for Free! Plant Propagation

Monday 27th March    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 28th March Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 29th March West Parley  2pm
Thursday 30th March Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 31st March  Landford  2pm




Summer Hanging Baskets & Planters - Workshop

Monday 24th April    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 25th April Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 26th April West Parley  2pm
Thursday 27th April Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 28th April  Landford  2pm




Wildlife Friendly Planting

Monday 22nd May    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 23rd May Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 24th May West Parley  2pm
Thursday 25th May Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 26th May  Landford  2pm




Deer Resistant Planting

Monday 26th June    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 27th June Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 28th June West Parley  2pm
Thursday 29th June Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 30th June  Landford  2pm




Rose Care & Advice

Monday 24th July    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 25th July Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 26th July West Parley  2pm
Thursday 27th July Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 28th July  Landford  2pm




Drought Resistant Planting

Monday 21st August    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 22nd August Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 23rd August West Parley  2pm
Thursday 24th August Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 25th August  Landford  2pm



Planting Spring Bulbs

Monday 25th September    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 26th September Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 27th September West Parley  2pm
Thursday 28th September Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 29th September  Landford  2pm




Principles of Garden Design

Monday 23rd October    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 24th October Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 25th October West Parley  2pm
Thursday 26th October Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 27th October  Landford  2pm



Winter Colour

Monday 20th November    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 21st November Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 22nd November West Parley  2pm
Thursday 23rd November Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 24th November  Landford  2pm




Christmas Wreath Making - Workshop

Monday 4th December    Salisbury 2pm
Tuesday 5th December Ringwood  2pm
Wednesday 6th December West Parley  2pm
Thursday 7th December Fair Oak  2pm
Friday 8th December  Landford  2pm