Fence Panels from £22.95

Closeboard & waney edge panels, built by hand on site at our workshop in Salisbury.

Gravel Board from £3.95 | Feather Edge from 80p


Decking from £9.00 per length

Treated Timber

Cladding from £1.95/m | T&G from £1.65/m | Sleepers | Batten & More

Untreated Timber & Plyboard from £2.80 per pack


Trellis from £8.95

Browse our range of treated trellis including garden products like tree stakes & edging.

Responsible Sourcing
We are a large importer of timber, so here at In-Excess we put our efforts toward responsible sourcing. We import timber from well managed forests only, which are certified by FSC®. Look for our certified products in our stores.
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