Dog Lick Treat Mats/Dog Treats - Various Designs/Flavours

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Style: Square Mat
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Dog Lick Treat Mats and Dog Treats. Dog Lick Mats may vary in colour.

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These lick mats are made from silicone rubber with dens and grooves that you place your dogs food (or tasty treats!) on top of and turn meal times and treat times into a mentally stimulating activity. They also come with suction grip at the bottom, ensuring the mat will stay in place.

Mats available in:

  • Square
  • Paw Print

Treats available in:

  • Pooch Nut Butter (340g)
  • Tender Beef & Cod Rolls (75g)
  • Giant Chewy Rolls (210g)
  • Chicken Wrapped Biscuits (60g)
  • Yummy Chicken Strips (60g)
  • Yummy Chicken Strips (300g)
  • Juicy Duck & Cod Twists (60g)
  • Tender Duck & Cod Steak (60g)
  • Tender Duck & Cod Steak (300g)
  • Chicken & Rice Nuggets (60g)
  • Tasty Chicken Sticks (50g)
  • Sweet Potato & Chicken Treats (60g)
  • Chicken & Calcium Bones (65g)
  • Chicken & Calcium Bones (300g)
  • Chicken & Rice Dumbbells (60g)
  • Chicken & Rice Dumbbells (300g)

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