Flopro Elite Tripod Sprinkler

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Professional garden sprinkler to provide substantial watering coverage at adjustable heights

This versatile sprinkler adjusts in height from 40-95cm and in spraying angle from 0-360 degrees to give you the right coverage for your garden. Ideal for lawns, beds, borders and taller plants and shrubs.

The sturdy metal tripod has weighted legs for stability, while the heavy duty metal sprinkler head easily adjusts to give you a choice of dense or light spray (dependent on water pressure).

Includes distance adjustment and anti-backsplash arm. Supplied with a brass male connector which fits all standard hose connectors.

Sprinkler specification

  • Diameter: 12-21m
  • Radius: 6-10.5m
  • Coverage: 346m2

              Flopro Product Code: 70300655


              This range of top quality watering equipment is a one-off opportunity, all ex-shop display stock...  We can't repeat this deal... when they are gone, they are gone, so grab yours now!

              ABOUT FLOPRO

              Flopro is an innovative watering range designed and engineered with the user in mind. Fresh colours and sleek contemporary lines add a stylish accent to your garden while taking care of all of your watering needs.

              All Flopro products are built to last and to make your life just that little bit easier! They are tried and tested to ensure they function in all weather conditions, won’t crack or disintegrate on impact. They are Anti-Leak, UV protected and are fully compatible with all watering brands.

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