Hozelock 2785 End of Line Dripper 4lph 4mm Pipe - Pack of 5

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End-of-Line Pressure Compensating Dripper

Key Benefits Include:

  • Use this Hozelock In-line pressure regulator to maintain this pressure throughout the system. Ideal for watering sloped areas or long run lengths as each dripper emits the same amount of water regardless of elevation or location in the system.
  • Self-regulating dripper that gives a constant flow rate of 4 lph, regardless of water pressure. Flow based on 1.5 bar pressure.
  • Built in filter, automatically self cleans and shuts off when pressure is below 1 bar
  • Available in packs of 5


Water Delivery


Maximum Flow Rate (LPH)

4 LPH Pressure Compensating


13mm, 4mm

Watering Coverage


Pack Qty

x 5

Guarantee Period

2 Years

Ideal for a range of watering needs – hanging baskets, troughs, grow bags borders, greenhouses, containers & vegetable gardens.

This Hozelock End of Line self-regulating dripper always gives 4LPH – flow based on 1.5 bar pressure. The dripper can be directly installed in amongst other in-line drippers directly into 13mm micro-pipe. Can also be used as an end of line dripper at the end of the 4mm micro-pipe to prevent any open ends.

The built-in filter, automatically self-cleans and automatically shuts off when pressure is below 1 bar helping to reduce water wastage. The Dripper opens when the system is turned on to 1 to 3 bar and closes when the system is turned off and pressure reduces to below 1 bar. This helps to protect against sediment build-up that leads to clogging.

High-quality – Made from tough UV stable plastic.

Available in packs of 5.


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