Hozelock 2791 Micro Jet 4mm & 13mm - Pack of 6

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 Micro Spray Jets -180 degree spray

Key Benefits Include:

  • Micro sprinklers produce a high flow rate even at low pressures
  • The perfect solution for a fully customisable and water-saving irrigation system. Use: In-Line – ø13mm, End-of-Line – ø4mm.
  • 180-degree spray pattern (half-circle)
  • Ideal for placement for more targeted watering along the edge of a garden bed or a walled/fenced area avoiding any overspray onto paths and patios to ensure minimal water wastage
  • Ideal for placement in the centre of a garden bed.
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning
  • Available in packs of 12
Water Delivery

Micro Jet

Maximum Flow Rate (LPH)

55 LPH

Area Coverage



13mm, 4mm

Watering Coverage

180 degrees

Pack Qty

x 12

Guarantee Period

2 Years

The Hozelock 180˚ Micro Sprinklers deliver a constant fine spray of water over an area of 460cm radius making them ideal for covering plants in locations against walls/fences, garden beds and paths.

Use in landscaped areas including flower beds, borders, greenhouses, and vegetable gardens. The Hozelock 180° Micro Jet Spray emits a fine spray in a semi-circle pattern, perfect for placement along lines for precise watering.

Installation is quick and easy but can be individually tailored for complete water coverage over all plants no matter how complicated your garden layout.

Use support stakes and Micro Extension hose, to water your plants from multiple elevations either above or below the foliage canopy

  • Please note some Hozelock items are available online only. 


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