Hozelock 2803 20 Pot Watering Kit

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Automatic watering for your patio pots, hanging baskets, borders, vegetable patches, and greenhouse plants. Saves time, water & effort when keeping your garden watered.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automatically waters up to 20 containers
  • Includes the AC Controller, which has a manual watering function, allowing you to water whenever your plants need it. Includes 13 pre-set programs to supply water from once a week up to four times a day. 
  • Drippers deliver water directly to the roots reducing water wastage
  • Easy to install as pipes can be easily cut and joined together depending where you need to water
  • Regular focused watering keeps plants healthy and less prone to disease

Building the network – the flexible tube can be cut and adapted to create your ideal watering system layout. It efficiently carries water from the main supply and delivers it to your plants via a network of drippers.

Delivering the water – the kit comes complete with 20 pressure compensating drippers. These drippers deliver a steady 4 LPH flow of water to your plant. To function at their best, the drippers will need a pressure reducer at the start of the system.

Pressure Compensation – the Pressure Compensating drippers emit exactly the same amount of water regardless of elevation or location within the system.

Simple to Install and maintain – the drippers can be dismantled and reassembled for debris removal or to be cleaned of limescale to ensure the water continues to flow.

Attach directly into the Micro pipe by piercing a hole in the pipe wall and inserting the barbed inlet of the dripper. Use the ground stake to secure in place so water droplets are accurately delivered.

As required, use the T connectors, wall clips and tube adaptors to help you to create the run and layout you need.

Saves time & water – using this micro-drip system not only saves time but also saves water. Drippers can be positioned to deliver water with pin-point accuracy directly to the roots of the plant, where it needs it most.


AC1 Controller – A simple to use, battery powered water timer to automatically water your garden.

Product Features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • 13 pre-set programs to supply water from once a week up to four times a day
  • Manual watering function, allowing you to water whenever you need
  • Battery operated making setup simple
  • Can be conveniently used with a water butt
  • Complete with a range of connectors to fit your tap


The 20 Pot automatic watering kit contains:

  • 1 x AC Timer (1)
  • 1 x Pressure Reducer (2)
  • 15m x 4mm Micro Tube (3)
  • 19 x Tee Connectors (4)
  • 20 x 4LPH Drippers with Stake (5)
  • 5 x Wall Clips
  • 5 x Tube Adaptors
  • 2 x 4mm Tube Adaptors
  • 1 x 3/4 – 1/2” Tap Adaptor
  • 1 x 1 – 3/4” Tap Adaptor


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