Hozelock 7015 Adaptor Nut - Pack of 5

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Adapts the Universal Dripper to connect to both 4mm hose and existing Automatic Watering drippers.

Key Benefits include:

  • Adapts the Universal Dripper to provide a connection to 4mm hose to discreetly water up to 5 containers
  • Easy to install providing a quick and water tight connection
  • Can be removed and re-used if required


Pack Size

x 5



Guarantee Period

2 Years

 Easy to Adapt – This clever little adaptor allows you to convert the Universal Dripper to fit 4mm hose. Once fitted, this provides the opportunity to discreetly water up to 5 containers, enabling you to create a bespoke setup in your garden.

Fully Compatible – The Adaptor Nut allows you to connect to all existing Hozelock Classic Micro accessories , ensuring complete compatibility with any existing system.

Connect to Other Systems – The ingenious design of the Adaptor Nut also enables compatibility with 3rd party drippers.

5 Pack

Please note some Hozelock items are available online only. 

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